SaaS supply management solutions help bakeries stay on top of an evolving market


In any business, the whims of the market dictate what you need to do. If you can't keep up with what consumers want, there's a good chance you'll be shuttering your business sooner than you hoped. Foodservice is one industry where this harsh reality is felt most keenly. New diets, service models and health requirements are forcing providers to change their menus and even business models as a whole.

Bakeries haven't been exempt from these changes. The rise of gluten-free diets as well as the prominence of millennial consumers looking for diverse and interesting flavors has left bakeries with the choice to adapt or lose customers. It can be daunting to bring new ingredients and products on board, but with an adaptable and agile SaaS supply management solution, you'll be able to make these critical changes with minimal hassle and waste. Here's how a SaaS platform can help bakeries meet new customer requirements:

"New customer tastes and dietary restrictions are affecting bakeries today."

Add new ingredients with ease
According to, some of the key trends affecting bakeries come from new customer tastes and dietary restrictions. For example, many consumers are looking for bitter flavors in their baked goods today, and bakeries are responding by adding dark chocolate-enhanced breads and pastries to their menus. Rye-based products are also gaining prominence. On the other side, gluten-free food consumers are taking up a greater share of the market, and bakeries are building out whole menu sections devoted to these customers.

Adding new items to the menu can mean a complete revamp to the kinds of ingredients, quantities and delivery schedule you need to accommodate these changes. With commoditized, local server-based supply management software, and even spreadsheets, the slightest changes to the arrangement can be an error-prone process. SaaS supply management solutions, on the other hand, make it simple to customize your supply agreement to fit your needs. You can make changes in the dashboard, and the system will automatically update itself to reflect any changes.

Bakeries can easily add new items and ingredients with a SaaS supply solution.Bakeries can easily add new items and ingredients with a SaaS supply solution.

Quickly understand sales trends for new products
Bringing on new products is always a gamble. In the absence of historical sales data, you're really guessing at how much of each specific ingredient you need for your new products. A SaaS solution, with its easy access to sales data, allows you to quickly get a grasp of sales trends even over a short period of time.

With easy data entry and real-time network updates, you can quickly and accurately forecast orders and manage inventory according to just a few weeks' worth of sales data.

Avoid stockouts that force you to turn paying customers away
A menu that features new and exciting products does nothing for you if you end up running out of product and have to turn customers away. A SaaS solution gives you a real-time view of periodic and perpetual inventory. Using this data, along with accurate sales forecasts, bakery managers will know exactly how much they need to order down to the shift. An exceptional customer experience starts with delivering the products they want, and a powerful supply management system helps bakeries do just that.