How SaaS supply management solutions facilitate inventory gap analysis


In any business, there is always a gap between the level at which the operation is currently running and the optimal level of efficiency. Evaluating the gap between a desired outcome and the current outcome is known as "strategic gap analysis." Through gap analysis, a business will be able to identify actions it can take to close the gap.

In practice, a restaurant could use gap analysis to overhaul its inventory. For example, if you wanted to position your restaurant as a provider of fresh, locally sourced products, you would need to identify the necessary steps to move on from the old suppliers to the new ones. In addition, you would also need to identify exactly what new ingredients would be necessary for the menu changes.

SaaS supply network management solutions make inventory gap analysis an easy and efficient process. Here's how:

SaaS supply solutions give you the data and flexibility to perform accurate inventory gap analyses.SaaS supply solutions give you the data and flexibility to perform accurate inventory gap analysis.

Unparalleled data visibility
Charting a course from your current inventory structure to a new, more desirable one is challenging and requires a vast pool of data to help drive decision making. Performing an accurate and actionable inventory gap analysis means you need access to every possible data point.

An SaaS supply management solution gives you a level of data visibility that older software simply can't match. Since these are accessible through the Internet, actors throughout the supply chain can record and store data in the system from wherever and whenever they want. This gives decision makers a real-time view of the network, allowing them to see exactly where they are and what they can do to move to a more desirable inventory outlook.

"An SaaS solution makes gap analysis and implementation easy."

Flexible enough to accommodate a changing supply network
Changing your inventory to reach your new desired level often means changing which suppliers and distributors you work with. It also means new ingredients, products and prices. Essentially, your entire supply network could change in a hurry.

Outdated supply management software is rarely flexible enough to allow users to customize or change parameters without some significant legwork. An SaaS solution, on the other hand, makes gap analysis and implementation easy by allowing you to make changes to the network that the system can automatically incorporate without throwing everything else off.

Customizable reports
After all the analysis, you need something actionable to help you know exactly what you need to do to get your inventory to reflect your desired outcome. A clearly laid out report is essential for good decision making when it comes to accurate inventory management. More importantly, a good report will include as much relevant data as possible.

SaaS solutions allow you to automatically generate customizable reports that draw on all of your data. Older inventory management software often struggles to draw data from the entire supply network, meaning your reports will not be as complete as they could be. SaaS solutions allow for data entry and storage from anywhere in the supply network, giving you a real-time comprehensive view of every facet of your operation.