Production facilities benefit from SaaS solutions

Production facility managers have to contend with the challenge of turning raw ingredients into finished products, packaging them and delivering them to several locations. It's best to automate as much of the process as possible to improve order accuracy and reduce waste, but older supply chain management solutions don't always make that possible. Here are some ways a new SaaS solution can make supply management easier and more effective:

SaaS can easily expand and contract with the supply network
The supply network is always in flux. New suppliers, products and stores are always entering or leaving the supply agreement, and any activity can change the nature of the chain. In general, out-of-the-box supply management software gives you little flexibility to scale it up or down in relation to your operational needs.
With an easily customizable dashboard, managers who use SaaS solutions can design and redesign their processes in a short time without throwing off the rest of the arrangement. This agility and customizability ensures that no matter how your business changes, an SaaS solution can ensure that all of your stores and suppliers are connected by accurate, real-time data.
"Each store has it's own sales trends and product needs."
Greater insight into individual stores' sales data
Even when every store you're working with is located within the same general geographic area, each store is going to have it's own sales trends and product needs. For example, if a store is located near a highly populated office park, it could have more customers during the breakfast and lunch rush than one that is located away from a concentrated population.
As a central production facility, managing and analyzing sales trends from what may be hundreds of stores is a daunting task, especially if you're working out of spreadsheets or outdated software. With an SaaS solution, managers at each store can easily enter their sales and waste data into the platform, where managers at the central production facility can see everything on a simple dashboard. This will reduce the inefficiencies that come with disorganized orders and reports by giving managers a real-time look at the entire network.
Reduced waste
When your retail locations can increase their order accuracy, it enables you to produce only what they really need, without excess production. Reducing waste cuts costs and ensures that you'll always use the optimal level of labor, capital and raw ingredients.