2 ways airport foodservice operations benefit from SaaS solutions


Airport foodservice operations are deceptively simple. There's a central commissary and satellites throughout the limited geographic area of the airport. But airport foodservice has to deal with many of the same supply chain management challenges as other verticals.

For the most part, there isn't a regular demand pattern in airports. Customers don't show up in droves at usual breakfast, lunch and dinner times. People are coming and going based on their flight schedules, so it's difficult for managers to predict when there will be crowds and when the terminals will be nearly empty.

A SaaS solution can help airport foodservice operations stay agile in an unpredictable consumer environment. Here are three ways in which it can do so:

Airport foodservice supply chains can benefit from SaaS solutions due to their ease of use and easy integration with POS systems.Airport foodservice supply chains can benefit from SaaS solutions due to their ease of use and easy integration with POS systems.

Easily coordinate the vendors and commissary
Most airports have a central commissary that produces food for the vendors throughout the terminals. There, the food is prepared, pre-plated or packaged, sealed and either chilled or frozen until it's ready to be shipped to its final location.

With dozens of vendors in terminals throughout the entire airport, all having to contend with an irregular demand schedule, it can be difficult to track inventory, forecast orders and manage the vast quantities of sales data generated due to the lag time created by old supply management systems.

"SaaS supply solutions are built out of integrated modules."

Without a quick way for the satellites and the commissary to communicate, it's nearly impossible to make critical decisions on the fly. A SaaS solution solves this problem by being accessible through any Internet-connected device. A manager at a satellite location can put an order into the system, and the commissary can receive it instantly. All actors in the supply chain get a real-time view of the network, and can act quickly using that insight.

Integrate seamlessly with POS and accounting software
One of the challenges airports have is ensuring all of their POS and accounting systems integrate into their supply management software. With all of the receipts generated, it can be an extremely time consuming and error-laden process to keep track of it all in spreadsheets or old ERP software.

SaaS supply solutions are built out of integrated modules, making it simple and easy to connect it to most current POS and accounting software on the market. A seamless connection will help you ensure that all of your data is in one place for every function.