3 benefits of SaaS solutions for restaurant inventory management

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, restaurants must contend with a supply chain agreement that is constantly in flux as different ingredients, products and even suppliers come and go. This makes it difficult for restaurant managers to keep up with various facets of inventory management.
Without a simple, comprehensive way to keep track of all of the moving parts, inventory management can end up being more like an art than a science. Unfortunately, most traditional inventory management solutions are ill-equipped to handle changes in the work environment. A more flexible and agile approach to inventory management is needed to keep up with the flow of a highly connected supply chain.
That said, here are three ways in which a SaaS platform can help a restaurant stay on top of inventory management.
"For many restaurants, inventory management is a scattered and often redundant process."
1. Consolidate several processes into one dashboard
For many restaurants, inventory management is a scattered and often redundant process. They have to place orders to a central warehouse or kitchen through e-mail and then manually enter everything into an Excel spreadsheet.
From there, managers must use separate programs for inventory forecasting, pricing, invoicing and other critical tasks. Having every part of the process siloed from one another means that managers end up entering the same data points over and over again while having to keep track of everything individually, leading to lost time and inaccurate reporting.
Finding a SaaS inventory system that streamlines and automates the process is a great way to reduce redundancy, keep all of the relevant information in one place, prevent errors and reduce IT infrastructure and staffing costs.

A SaaS solution can simplify and automate inventory management for retail locations.A SaaS solution can simplify and automate inventory management for retail locations.
2. Real-time inventory management
Keeping everything in the cloud allows a restaurant to view its inventory system across its entire network in real time and keep tabs on both perpetual and periodic inventory levels. This will ensure that retail locations keeps stock levels in check and eliminate unnecessary storage costs or waste.
Additionally, with a SaaS solution, employees throughout the network can enter new data and make reports that are instantly updated and shared with everyone else. Most traditional IT solutions typically don't allow for multiple data entry points, which makes supply chain-wide inventory management difficult, if not impossible.
3. Flexibility and scalability
In an evolving business environment, a restaurant must be prepared to adapt to changes in the supply chain. As the business grows, or new products, ingredients or quantities are introduced into the mix, restaurant managers need to be able to quickly update the inventory management system to accommodate those developments.
Finding a SaaS solution that is customizable and flexible allows managers to make adjustments on the fly without interrupting the day-to-day flow of the business.