Quick Split for Packing Reports

We know that every production facility, big or small, has different ways of managing the packing and shipment of their products.  Supplyit offers a number of ways of displaying packing reports in order to account for these differing needs.

Requests have come in recently to split a packing report into several smaller pack sizes based on a percentage.  This is often done during peak production times when a facility's output may exceed what their shipping methods typically handle.

We recently released "Quick Split" when printing a packing report in grid form.  For instance, if you want to split your packing report into two equal packs, you would enter "50,50" and your items will be split accordingly. The report will automatically round up for partial splits and adjust subsequent packs.  If are shipping 3 items and you are splitting the report into equal shipments of 50%, the first pack would have 2 items (3 รท 2 rounded up) and the next pack would have 1.

The reports are generated in real time, so no changes are made to orders or production.  We encourage you to experiment and let us know what you think!