One of the challenges we face is balancing broad functionality with a streamlined interface.  Every account uses Supplyit a little differently, and every location in every account adds uniqueness as well.  Despite all this variability, most users have one or more routines they follow on a daily basis.

Workflows are an exciting addition which simplify common interactions with Supplyit.  Here's how they work:
A sample workflow
  • A workflow is comprised of one or more steps.
  • A workflow step is comprised of a link that takes you to your desired location (e.g. Packing Reports) and additional instructions for that destination.
  • A location can have any number of workflows.
  • Workflows are custom to any location, but can be copied between locations.
  • Workflows appear on a location's homepage (see screenshot).
  • Workflows are also accessible from the navigation bar so that they can be used continuously while navigating through the site.

For the initial roll out of workflows only our Support Team is authorized to add them, but we'll be opening them up to general access in the near future.  

While you're doing your daily (or weekly/monthly) routine you shouldn't have to worry about 'what step comes next'.  We're hoping that the use of workflows improves productivity and answers that question.