Season's Greetings

2013 was a remarkable year as we pushed Supplyit into new markets while introducing powerful new features.  Our goal is to help our customers manage smarter, work faster, and achieve more. This year we made substantial progress towards that goal.

Looking Back...2013 in review

"A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Perhaps the greatest change in 2013 was adopting an agile development strategy that spans all departments of our company.  The goal is to respond quickly and systematically to customers whether it's implementing a new feature, improving an account setup or training on specific features.  All of us want to make our customers happy.  Using an agile process prioritizes features, identifies stakeholders, and works on priorities identified by our customers.  Here are a few results of our new process:

  • Version 4.0 released - a new reporting engine, interface overhaul and backend improvements positioned us for continued growth.
  • API (alpha) released - we developed an internal API which is being used for custom reporting engines by several clients.  The API allows Supplyit to act as a platform instead of simply a web application.  Local reporting systems pull down data and manipulate it to the exact specification of the client.  Meanwhile, data entry is standardized through the web interface.  As we'll discuss below, there are many more opportunities with our API in the future.
  • Surveys released - Surveys are data magnets.  Any business unit has standard line-of-business data objects such as Orders and Invoices.  Surveys collect all the data that isn't captured by those standard data objects and allow standards and reporting to be applied to the datasets.  Whether it's recording drive-thru processing time, specialized delivery compliance metrics, customer feedback or more, Surveys provide a powerful place to put and report on that data.  We love seeing all the creative ways clients are using surveys and look forward to more in the future.

Looking Forward...2014 in preview

"Always have a plan (so you have something to deviate from)"

Our roadmap for 2014 includes many exciting new avenues of development -- and of course improvements to existing ones.  Here's a peak at where we're going:
  • Android/iOS integration- We're going mobile!  Enough users are using our current interface on tablets that the customer demand is clearly there.  Plus, the ability to interface with mobile device hooks such as geo-location services and barcode scanning greatly empowers our offering.
  • Improved API access - Our current API access is set on a Location-basis, limiting the result sets to that of a specific location.  While this keeps the flow of data properly bound to a particular context, it limits the view of the data.  Exposing improved API access is a business development that could allow for greater meta-analysis of data across regions of locations (for instance) or groups of locations that the user has access to.
  • Improved Order management - We needed to get a few ducks in order to tackle this one, but 2014 should see greatly improved Order management including the ability to easily pull items, rebuild relationships, and reapply rules and forecasted values.
  • Downstream Forecasting - We currently have upstream forecasting, which means forecasting is based on direct purchases.  Downstream forecasting is forecasting applied to purchase orders based on sales data....of related items!  Product composition will play a critical role here as we implement downstream forecasting based on related products, and should help with the ordering process.  
  • Lot Tracking  -  We already have some seeds of lot tracking in place and have released the Product Trace report which Lot Tracking will greatly enhance.

As always, we remain grateful to our customers for giving us the chance to serve you and your business needs.

Happy holidays!