Custom Shelf Life

We've recently introduced the ability to define a custom shelf life for a product.  This allows our users to accurately take waste on a variety of products, not just those that get thrown away at the end of the day on which they're ordered.

You can see the shelf life for a product by viewing its details.  For example, the shelf life for this sample product is 3 days:

The shelf life is listed in the format Days.Hours:Minutes.  Though we anticipate most users will only specify shelf life in days, we have allowed for the possibility of more specific time-frames.

You'll notice that we also provide the "Waste Day Offset" when listing the shelf life.  The waste day offset allows us to match a waste record to its relevant order.

  • If a product has a shelf life of 12 hours, the Waste Day Offset = 0 (the waste and order should share the same date)
  • If a product has a shelf life of 1 day, the Waste Day Offset = 1 (the waste should be one day ahead of the order)
  • If a product has a shelf life of 3 days, the Waste Day Offset = 3 (the waste should be three days ahead of the order).

    Additional Information
    As a final note, custom shelf lives are directly related to custom forecast specifications which we recently blogged about. Say for instance that a product has a shelf-life of a year (to make a clear, extreme case).  Upstream forecasting involves looking at the purchase history and subtracting the waste.  With custom shelf lives, the waste examined is offset forward, and in this case by one year.  Custom forecast specifications allow us to properly look back one year (or two or three) so that the forecasted order uses last year's purchases and subtracts this year's waste.  Without custom forecast specifications, we'd be trying to match waste on that item that was 51 weeks in the future (which clearly couldn't exist yet)!

    Custom shelf lives are a win for our customers and greatly empower the ability to accurately track usage. The shelf life for a product is designated within the catalog and applies to all locations that use that product.  If you're interested in getting started with shelf life, please contact Support!