Version 4.0 Press Release


Jera Concepts, an enterprise level development company for the fresh item retail industry, recently released Jera Supplyit™ 4.0, its most comprehensive expansion yet. The latest version adds a Survey module that allows locations to create and report on any topic relevant to their business and a new, versatile mobile layout.

“Supplyit 4.0 empowers our users with several brand new components while building on our tried and true core functionality,” said Thomasin LaMachia, CEO and Founder of Jera Concepts. “Additionally, the updated platform paves the way for features we envision the application encompassing over time.”
The Survey module was designed to capture and report all data not collected by orders, invoices, inventories and waste modules. Examples of these data points include customer count, freezer temperature and average wait at drive-through. Because surveys can capture just about any data, they can be applied to quality assurance scenarios. For instance, a user may suspect a correlation between the timeliness of its snowplow and the queue length at its drive-through. The Survey feature uses collected data to turn hunches like this into quantified efficiencies.

Furthermore, Supplyit 4.0 offers a feature-rich mobile layout. The new component is lightweight and responsive so the site automatically adjusts orientation or screen size changes. The mobile layout shares the same functionality as and is compatible with most browsers and operating systems, providing ease of use for its users.

In addition to these new added features, Supplyit 4.0 builds on its successful core product by empowering locations to customize functionality in the areas of Units, Reports, Customer Rules, Data Exchange, and Product Relations. It also now features a standardized user interface and controls, allowing users to streamline future changes across the entire platform.

For more information on how to utilize the Survey module, contact the sales department at 508-686-8090, ext. 2. To find out more about Supplyit 4.0, please visit

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Jera Concepts, founded in 2007, provides web-based solutions focused on fresh item management and supply. The company currently services more than 2,500 retail outlets and over 150 manufacturing locations across the U.S. Jera Supplyit™ is a powerful network supply solution that allows retail outlets to order from multiple suppliers, enabling each location to act as a manufacturing and/or retail outlet. More information can be found at

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