Continuous Improvement

With the release of Supplyit 4.0, Jera has moved to a type of software development called agile development. Agile development is based on publishing small incremental changes to the live site on a frequent basis. Our departments meet weekly to discuss improvements to the platform and to determine the steps necessary to introduce these changes.

Manufacturing and production facilities may refer to this process as "continuous improvement". This involves examining internal processes, incorporating feedback from all stakeholders, and making small incremental changes. Defects can be addressed quickly and product improvements can emerge quickly. Unreleased code is not unlike inventory overages in that it represents invested capital that's not being put to work. Agile development gets the code off the shelf and into the hands of our customers.

What does this mean for our customers?

New features will be available to you on an ongoing basis. Customers will no longer have to wait for a big release to see improvements in the application. Customers who have requested or suggested a particular feature will be contacted directly once that feature has been released. Jera will continue to update this page with new features and send out an email to groups of customers on specific enhancements that are particularly relevant to them.