Big Data

Our development team recently attended a conference hosted by Amazon Web Services called “Big Data & High Performance Computing”. We’ve long been fans of Amazon’s suite of on-demand computing services. With a few clicks a user can launch thousands of virtual systems to process infinite amounts of data.

This particular conference focused on how large companies can use “the cloud” and “big data” to dynamically scale their computing resources to tackle data-intensive and computationally-intensive problems. “Big data” essentially amounts to any amount of data that is more than your current system can handle. Even very large companies encounter “big data” that can be better processed in the cloud.

But did you know that small and medium businesses are also benefiting from the cloud? Jera Supplyit™ enables businesses to manage their inventory, purchasing, production and sales from anywhere at anytime. Print reports, review orders, message your store locations -- all via the web.

“Big Data” is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry, engineering industry, academia, and of course manufacturing with supply chain analytics. Jera Supplyit™ is proud to offer an infrastructure that scales to meet your needs and allows you to focus on what matters: your business.