We recently hired someone who came to us from a not-for-profit website that reached hundreds of thousands of users. In that consumer-focused space, special emphasis was placed on UX/UI: User-Experience and User-Interface. The difference between UI and UX is generally recognized as how somebody interacts with an interface (UI) as opposed to how they perceive that interaction (UX). In the business-to-consumer space UI and UX are typically closely linked because a consumer’s experience of a product often ends when they close the browser.

In the business-to-business space we believe end-users not only place a high value on what they see, but on other elements of the product such as training, support, and even the sales process. These areas have a "UX" that is just as critical.

Jera Concepts is committed to delivering an excellent UX to our customers. A great example of this is how a “support call” is not always our customers calling us; sometimes it means we call you! Putting out fires is great, but preventing them in the first place is even better. This can include on-going training for your staff as well as conveying enterprise best-practices.

Inventory, purchasing, sales, production, and waste have a lot of moving parts. We dedicate our selves to making these important parts of your business more than just an interaction but a great user experience.