News from NACUFS Mid-West and Iowa State


From social events to informative sessions, the trip to Iowa State and the NACUFS Mid-West Regional Conference was a refreshing experience. The networking opportunities were a great forum to speak to vendors and schools about the business of a campus foodservice operation. Below are key points that surfaced in multiple conversations.

Recipe Management

· Current software systems in the marketplace use standard units of measure based on weight. 1 bay leaf, 5 leaves of basil or a pinch of salt have to be converted to weight to scale as a recipe size grows. This conversion can lead to egregious errors which may not be caught by a student preparing a dish. Supplyit™ allows you to choose count, mass or volume per item in your recipe, ensuring an accurate recipe as the batch size grows or contracts.

· Chefs also complained software upgrades sometimes knock a recipe out of spec without the chef having changed any of the ingredient proportions. Supplyit™ is a web based application that is upgraded and maintained by Jera Concepts for you. All upgrades are tested to ensure that your existing recipes are never compromised. Enhancements are continuously developed through communal efforts and delivered to you seamlessly during maintenance periods.

Catering Orders

· Disconnected catering software does not easily allow orders to be added into production and prep worksheets automatically. Even software with connected modules may have difficulty synchronizing orders. With Supplyit™ when an order is entered, it is added to the production in real time and seen immediately by the producing unit. It simply can’t be missed and an order can’t be entered after the designated cutoff time by a customer. This eliminates the potential for mistakes between the catering customers and the production facility.


· Program speed and access to a school’s VPN can be roadblocks to efficiency. Supplyit™ is a web application and allows you access to the program via any internet enabled device: smartphone, iPad or computer.

Thanks to those who stopped by our booth at the conference. We had some very good conversations for which we have follow-up scheduled.

Don’t forget our favorite expression… “Status quo is the enemy!”

(contributed by Wynne Barrett)