Jera Concepts Announces Version 3.5 of Jera Supplyit™ Supply Network Solution for Fresh Item Retail Outlets

(August 9, 2010 Hopkinton, MA) Jera Concepts, an enterprise level development company for the fresh item retail industry announced the release of Version 3.5 of Jera Supplyit™, an application suite providing a web based solution to manage the supply of products across a network. Version 3.5 offers increased reporting capabilities, reselling of outside vendor items and a revamped navigation. Jera Supplyit™ 3.5 was developed to add additional capabilities and to streamline functions for more simplicity.

“Our customers were a vital contributor in identifying specific areas where we could enhance the program and elevate the user experience,” explained Thomasin LaMachia, CEO and Founder of Jera Concepts. “The additional functionality increases our ability to service businesses with more complex items and increases reporting functions.”

In Version 3.5, an assembly report was added that allows Supplyit to accommodate endless numbers of ingredients or components in a production environment as opposed the current version which was more limiting.

To simplify the process of taking waste, version 3.5 adds a barcode feature that reduces steps, creates a paperless trail and greatly improves accuracy. This new feature will improve forecasting accuracy and result in cost savings.

Another added feature is the addition of an API which allows companies to access base data in Supplyit such as order, inventory and waste records for integration into other systems or to generate custom reports.

In addition to the core functionality, Supplyit also includes a sales/accounting module which allows customers to record and report on cash across their network as well as additional expenses and revenue for integration into the reporting system.
The overall usability improvements along with greater range of use in Version 3.5 adds more flexibility and creates an effective tool for managing network supplies in a web based application.

About Jera Concepts

Jera Concepts was founded in 2006 and provides web based solutions focused on fresh item management and supply. They currently service over 1800 retail outlets and more than 70 manufacturing locations across the US. Jera Supplyit™ is a powerful network supply solution where retail outlets order from multiple suppliers with each location able to act as a manufacturing and/or retail outlet.