Supplyit's Simplicity

Facebook has been in the news a lot recently over its issues with privacy. If you're a user, you know how complicated their privacy settings have been.

The problem that Facebook faced was a common issue that can be applied to many different situations. When options are too abundant or too granular users end up not using them properly or worse, not at all. The end result is usually the opposite of what the controls were trying to protect in the first place. In Facebook's case, users didn't (or couldn't) control their privacy settings so they ended up making their profiles more accessible than they wanted.

Why does this matter and how is it related to Jera Supplyit?

Whether it's recording waste, entering orders, or even applying permissions, the simpler the better! The end-user performs what they intended to perform, and the data is collected accurately and quickly. We constantly refine our processes to take the least number of steps involved, with the smallest, most obvious, and most powerful feature-set available to collect and display data.

In our infancy we had clients request granular control over permissions, to the extent where some folks wanted to allow certain users access to particular columns of a report. While we obliged at first, we soon realized that the permissions were difficult to track and therefore went either misused or unused.

Today we have straight-forward permissions. Each console (enterprise console, account console and location console) has an administrator level, and a user level. The administrator level allows users access to the settings under the 'Administration' link while the user level doesn't. That's it! Two sentences to describe our permissions scheme. That's Supplyit's simplicity.