Spring 2010 Newsletter

We've been very busy at Jera preparing for the release of Version 3.5. In this version we focused on pain-points (some of them admittedly caused by Version 3!). To be clear, Version 3 represented a paradigm shift. Version 3.5 is nowhere near as radical and most users will find that day-to-day operations are either greatly simplified, or unchanged.

You can read the full Version 3.5 Release Notes here, or skim through the highlights below. We'll be updating the release notes as we get closer to the release date which is tentatively planned for late-June, early July.

Here's a highlight of the upcoming features:
  • Catalog item merging for older accounts - this mostly applies to older accounts that have been using both private catalogs and public catalogs.
  • One-click waste recording - We've improved this process so that users need only click the 'Waste' button from an order and the order items will automatically populate waste records. Furthermore, waste records will include the total ordered quantity for that day and shift, giving users even greater accuracy when entering waste. Fewer steps with greater accuracy means better forecasting.
  • Simplification of sections - Production orders and Inventory orders (purchase orders) had similar functionality, so those functionalities have been combined. Accounting and sales had a lot of duplicate functionality, and from that we've combined the two so that users of one can take advantage of the other quickly. Furthermore, the entire 'Administration' tab is consolidated to make managing and finding items much more straight-forward.
  • Barcoding and paperless environments enabled - We've opened the door to users taking inventory and waste with a barcoded reader with a simplified import process. We've worked hand-in-hand with select hardware manufacturers to make sure the process is as simple as possible ('simplicity' being a fundamental theme of ours). Our mobile interface can be used in touch-screen environments for paperless manufacturing units.
  • Assembly Report - The assembly report is similar to the mixing report, but starts with the target item (e.g. Cake Dough) and automatically calculates the components required as well as the yield. Don't worry, the mixing report (based on recipes) isn't going away. The assembly report merely complements the mixing report and enables 'assemblies' of a diverse set of items including ice-cream cakes, sandwiches and more.

A Message From our Account Managers
Jera Concepts offers something rare in customer service. We want to hear from our clients. Jera encourages all of our clients to utilize every aspect of our program. Our account managers are available to assist you with issues, additional training needs as well as listening to ideas that you feel would improve the program.In the next few weeks we will release the latest version of Supplyit. Our goal is to keep the program easy to use thereby encouraging usage. We are also in the process of merging clients to the new standard items catalog. Forecasting and inventory are being used successfully by many of you with more inquiries coming daily. Our account managers are reviewing individual accounts and will be contacting you shortly to make sure your needs are being met.

What's On Deck After the Version 3.5 release?
There are a host of items, but the focus will be on improving reporting. Reports will be refined, options increased in some cases, and periods available improved in other cases. If you have specific needs, please contact our account managers and we'll do our best to help!