Jera Concepts announces Jera Supplyit™ a supply network solution for fresh item retail outlets

(Hopkinton, MA) Jera Concepts, an enterprise level development company for the fresh item retail industry announced Jera Supplyit™, an application suite providing a web based solution to manage the supply of products across a network at the NYACS Show on May 12, 2010. Jera Concepts has been providing innovative highly effective web based solutions to manage production, ordering, inventory, and sales management, resulting in significant cost reductions since 2006.

Supplyit provides an ordering, production, inventory and sales management system for bakery production facilities and the retail outlets they service. The advanced technology uses a set of cloud computing tools to provide a simple and flexible solution. The application covers a complete range of functions from production management to ordering, invoicing and forecasting.

Supplyit was developed in response to our customer’s request for a management tool that would automate their production process in a multi faceted fast paced environment,” explains Thomasin LaMachia, CEO and Founder of Jera Concepts. “The application was designed to have an easy-to-use interface but still provide a state-of-the art technology solution in an industry not predisposed to using enterprise software. Jera Supplyit™ makes it simple to implement a supply network solution across your organization quickly that creates the opportunity for significant cost savings.”

Supplyit's integrated modules collect and share information which results in features such as flash P&L’s as well as transferring and reselling products across a network. Summary reporting allows viewing of data across multiple locations, but can be limited by permissions.

“Since I've been using Jera Concepts I have a much better grasp on the day-to-day operation of my business. The Supplyit program is very easy to learn and use, and they have a great support department that is always willing to help you when you need it,” said Milton Sobral, Dunkin’ Brands Franchisee. Jera Concepts is an approved vendor for production planning for Dunkin’ Brands.

Jera Concepts has a commitment to being a customer focused provider that ensures a smooth implementation process as well as continuous ongoing customer support which is included in all subscriptions. Plans for Jera Supplyit™ include future enhancements around integrating sales and multi-day fresh product stages into the forecasting engine.

About Jera Concepts

Jera Concepts was founded in 2006 and provides web based solutions focused on fresh item management and supply. They currently service over 1700 retail outlets and more than 50 manufacturing locations across the US. Jera Supplyit™ is a powerful network supply solution where retail outlets order from multiple suppliers with each location able to act as a manufacturing and/or retail outlet.

For more information contact Debbie West at 774-278-0091