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Supplyit™ allows manufacturers to plan production in a retail outlet and automatically transmit orders to their plant, where they can seamlessly manage production, distribution and invoicing. Our nimble program also lets users transmit orders to an outside supplier or allows the supplier to login directly to retrieve those orders, enabling retailers to spot anomalies by evaluating side-by-side purchasing patterns.

The Supplyit SaaS platform gives every user in an organization access to the system anytime, anywhere – convenient for making critical decisions in real time. The program also enables customers to conduct last minute ordering, reducing stock-outs and inventory levels while maximizing sales opportunities.


Connect supplier catalogs to all locations. Allow suppliers to login and pull orders or transmit the orders using an export.


Use Supplyit to consolidate multiple location sales data and various POS systems. Deposits can be viewed as they are entered into the system for home office verification.


Customer orders can be chained back to plant or supplier productions. Retail store productions are chained back to the production facility or supplier.


Manage inventory for both store and production locations. The inventory overview report compares locations side-by-side.