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Supplyit™ helps multi-location medical groups reduce costs by centralizing purchase functions and providing theoretical usage of procedural supplies. Our flexible platform alleviates the need for time-consuming spreadsheet consolidation and maintenance. Centralized vendor catalogs help standardize processes across an organization while centralized inventory monitoring helps prevent stock-outs and reduces inventory levels.

Supplyit is a SaaS model that connects processes and helps standardize procedures to improve quality across a network. With access to the program from any internet connection, users can make critical business decisions immediately.


A central office can control supplier purchases by requiring satellite locations to place supplier orders through Supplyit.


Reduced service reimbursements means increased profit and loss pressure. Tracking sales with Supplyit lets you use the P&L feature to get views of each location’s performance in real time.


Many inventory components make up procedures. Use Supplyit to create procedure kits or use the production function to obtain a theoretical usage for each procedure.


Increased industry pressure to reduce costs means closely monitoring inventory. The cash tied up in extra inventory could prevent the purchase of more efficient equipment.