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Supplyit™ offers universities and school districts multi-location supply network organization. Whether it is managing supply distribution centers, central commissaries or catering orders, Supplyit provides the tools necessary to accurately run any unique environment.

Supplyit offers high value, easy implementation, and empowes businesses to make critical decisions instantly. Our robust yet simple SaaS model enables users to recording inventory and monitor network activity, conveniently from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, all features are integrated modules allowing Supplyit to connect with current POS and accounting systems, lessening the steep learning curve associated with most software implementations.


Accurate data is necessary for relevant location evaluation. Supplyit allows supplier invoice imports to auto-populate prices and quantities in inventory.


Supplyit is ideal for small or large school districts and college campuses to use in comparing the performance of profit centers. Spot underperforming schools or call out profit centers with great track records.


Central production facilities can complicate the delivery of meals to students. Supplyit consolidates orders and helps manage prep and production to ensure accurate delivery every time.


Catering, dining halls, kiosks, stadiums and franchise concepts can all use Supplyit as a consolidated location to monitor inventory efficiency.