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Supplyit™ allows commissaries and production kitchens to provide high quality fresh items at a moment's notice. Any wholesale customer can inventory their fresh food items and instantly transmit an order via the customer order portal. Supplyit's inventory and costing features also lets users manage purchases and monitor profit levels.

Supplyit is a high value, easily implemented, full-function platform ideal for order consolidation and production management. Our wholesale price model shifts seasonally along with your business, giving you consistent profitability year-round. Additionally, our SaaS platform allows access from any internet connection so customers can add orders, manage production and make critical business decisions immediately.


Monitor trends and inventory levels to ensure raw ingredient availability. Evaluate ingredient usage to plan purchases.


Reviewing sales history allows you to better forecast your purchase patterns. Improved purchasing efficiency means more satisfied customers and increased profitability.


Wholesale customers place orders online and reports for all stages of production are generated to simplify the process and minimize errors.


Our production cost analysis will ensure good pricing strategies. Use the information to promote the right products and maximize profits.