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Supplyit™ enables wholesale bakeries and prepared food manufacturers to efficiently produce high quality, fresh items. Users can maintain optimum stock levels and facilitate last minute orders instantly via the program’s customer portal. Additionally, inventory and costing features allow businesses to manage purchases and monitor profit levels while production, distribution and invoicing features let them customize the program according to their business needs.

Our cost effective flexible solution offers a wholesale price model that shifts seasonally with your business so you remain consistently profitable year-round. Plus our SaaS model is accessible from any internet connection, enabling you to add orders and manage productions while making critical business decisions instantly.


Monitor trends and inventory levels to ensure raw ingredient availability. Evaluate ingredient usage to plan purchases.


Supplyit simplifies invoicing. Each order is consolidated by your specific date range. View sales order totals by custom periods to suit your accounting needs.


Wholesale customers place their own orders online and Supplyit generates reports for all stages of production, simplifying the process and eliminating errors.


Manage inventory for both store and production locations. The inventory overview report compares locations side-by-side.