About Us

Providing Real-Time Solutions for Real-World Demands

One of the first things you’ll notice about Jera Concepts is that we are not about business as usual. We created Supplyit for greater efficiency and better cost performance in managing fresh items used throughout your network. We track the product through all stages of its life cycle from manufacturing, ordering, forecasting, inventorying, and sale.

With Jera’s true supply network solution, your retail outlets have one central location to place orders, change orders and enter waste. Whether your supply comes from a Central Distribution Center, a local vendor, or even from internal production, we provide the tools needed to manage the production process from building a variety of products through delivery and invoicing. All with the utmost in simplicity. All in real-time.

We do more than just work with you as a customer; we treat you like a partner. We do so by assisting you in using our tools so that they can gain the maximum benefits for your organization. Our philosophy is simple: less is more. Less complexity, error and cost is more power, productivity, profit.

Jera Concepts has a history of attracting amazing employees. Spun out of Jera Technology in 2007, Jera Concepts has a group of exceptionally talented people who share a common passion for creating an innovative company with a simple vision of ensuring our customers succeed in their business operations by using our solutions.

In 2007, Jera Concepts serviced 300 locations in one market, and today Jera services over 3,000 locations in several markets. We are happy to share our team and success with you as we continue striving to make our company and solutions the best they can be!